Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hidalgo Part 6/6. Pastes

One of the influences of English in Mineral del Monte was the food. Pastes are to the order of the day. They are everywhere, specially on Hidalgo street, the main street in town. Pastes are empanadas. I didn't even know myself such a delicacy existed until few years ago. The word paste was adopted to Spanish from the English word pastries. Pastes  filled with shredded potato and ground beef are the traditional flavor. Other flavors are offered, savory and sweet. During our days in Mineral del Monte and surroundings we visited many places where pastes were prepared and sold, and it was interesting to see and taste variations of the same traditional flavor. We ended up "pasteded" for eating so much. The owner of one of these places allowed me to sketch the kitchen/bakery, which one can see from the front desk, where you order pastes to go. 

The bakery / kitchen had a roller machine (back in yellow) which allows them to roll and flat the dough faster and easier. There was a red English telephone cabin, just as decor, and on the left of the sketch there are piles of boxes where they wrap the pastes and empanadas in paper (never plastic because the dough gets moist), pastes are quite popular you see. This Pueblo Magico is indeed magic. The traditional red laminated roofs host cozy restaurants like this one. The last sketch I am sharing with you is a view of the Hidalgo Street, the main street. Farewell Mineral del Monte, beautiful town in the high mountains of the state of Hidalgo in Mexico.

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