Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hidalgo Part 5/6. Lord of Zenontla festivities.

Bob and I arrived to Mineral del Monte after the festivities of their Saint Lord of Zenontla, they have a sanctuary named after him. The main door was adorned with a big board made of bright patterns framing it. I got close to the board and what I though were flowers, was actually plastic in the shape of flowers! A great use to recycled plastic! Inside the sanctuary they were celebrating a novenario, which it is a tradition of celebrating nine masses in consecutive days after the dead of someone.  A huge amount of floral arrangements in white and yellow roses covered every wall and surface. Flowers are donated by the population in town. I've never seen this devotion before. A big figure of the Lord of Zenontla was in the middle of the hallway and at the base of the platform the figure was surrounded by fresh yellow, green and red apples. The whole sanctuary was a dream of mixed smells of flowers and fruit which overwhelmed our noses. Of course we were happy. I didn't sketch the interior but the last night we were in town I tried, however the church was closed. So we went to the main church, on the same street, a block away, to the Iglesia del Rosario. This church was empty but the ornaments were the same. Inside there was a Virgin figure holding a baby equally set with apples. I sketched it this time before they close the church and asked us to leave few minutes later.

Thankfully I took a photo to finish it. Customs from place to place are different, still a wonderful thing to witness. Click here for last Part.

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