Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato, MEXICO

9x12" Minerlal de Pozos was an important mining town, now is a ghost town, declared by the Mexican goverment as a Magical Town for turists to visit. 
Parish of San Pedro Apostol. View from Melchor Ocampo Street.

9x12" Old Mining Company Store or Tienda de Raya (Store of Line). It was a credit store, located next to the mines where workers were forced to make their purchase. Most of workers were illiterate and in the logbook payroll, workers put a line instead of a signature. Owners used to live on the second floor.

9x12" 25 feet hight cactus, in the Main Square of Mineral de Pozos town. These giants cactus are  everywhere, part of the landscape in town and nearby.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

National Museum of Masks, San Luis Potosi, MEX

5x8" I went to the National Museum of Mask in San Luis Potosi city, Mexico. This is a museum  with a a great variety of masks, the illustrated here are Mexicans. I sketched them there for about 2 hours, then a took pictures as a referecne to watercolor them later. I had a chance to draw with no interruptions. The museum was almost empty and it was Sunday!!!



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

San Luis Potosí, MEX

7x11" I went downtown  to the República Market. It is a local market. The colours and variety of food you can find there is amazing. This is a grains and seeds vendor plot. I could not stay there to draw, the aisles are too narrow and there´s a lots of people walking by, from buyers to carriers, with sacks and boxes of food. I drew with pen&ink and watercolor from a photo I took  and this is the result.

10x8" Aranzazu Square, this is behind of the Church of San Francisco, it was very sunny and I was lucky enough to sit down under the shade of a tree. There were dozen of teenagers rehearsing a dance for the Mexican Revolution Parade on November 20th. They are not in the drawing, they were too many to draw them.

5x8" Today at mom doctor´s office, we waited for more than a hour and the only object that caught my attention in the very small waiting room was this television  mounted on the wall. I found the web of  bars and screws interesting to draw. I did not mind waiting at all, I was in fact very comfortable... indoor.... sitting on a padded was quite. We were watching a show called "Sabadazo". I drew the logo in color.

7x11" This is the Caja del  Agua.  This fountain, now a monument was built in the early XIX century in downtown San Luis Potosi. This was the source of water then. Now in disused is one of the highlights of the city. They say, it still works when pour rain. I sat to sketch it but I could not finish it because it was very cold. So I returned next morning. A gardener was watering the grass and he removed the hose in front of me to clear my way as if it was bothering me, and he apologize to me very kindly. Nothing so far from the truth. When I finished the sketch 2 hours later, I looked for him, he was still around. I showed it to him in return for his kindness. He smiled and liked it. He made my day.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yucatan, MEX

5x7" I painted this museum-house in Merida, while we waited an hour for the English guided tour. This is a sample of the glorious past af the city and an example of the European influence in architecture during the green gold era.

5x7" This is the closest church to the house we rented during our stay in Merida. We could here the sound of bells, that reminds me of my childhood when I used to live in Mexico. The palm tree of the left wasn't there, but I though I could added it to make the sketch nicer.

5x7" The Zocalo of  Merida city. The city and surroundings are full these chairs, they are made of concret, one piece with two opposite seats, for lovers or for people to have a good conversation.

5x7" Izamal is a town considered by tourism as one of the Magical Towns of Mexico. All town is painted in yellow for no reason. 

5x7" A cenote is a sinkhole full of fresh water. This cenote is in Valladolid, it is called Zaci and it is downtown! We swam in this one, there's a rope along the water, where a person in the water can hold to it if tired, there's no life guards.

5x5" One morning.....drawing my husband playing sudoku.
5x7" Celestun is a fishermen village. We asked one of the fishermen if we could buy one of the fish from the morning catch, when the man knew we just wanted one fish, he ended up giving the fish to us for free!