Friday, February 28, 2014

Regal coffee worth to mention

It's hard to quit the controversial coffee. You hear is too acid, that is not good for you, and then the contradictory effects of caffeine consumption. Yet I enjoy it in the mornings wherever I am. Bob and I have similar taste, we agree in many things, one of them is the quality of coffee. This time I'd like to share that in the last 10 years, I've found coffee shops where coffee is OUTSTANDING. Sorry to say it's not Starbucks, coffee there is expensive and overrated, I rarely go there. I'll mention 3 of my favorite coffee (and Bob backs me up), in the order we discovered them, there is no first, second or third place, because all of them are delicious. Life is full of surprises and you can find treasures in places where you least expect.

1. Perfect Cup in Matlacha, Forida, USA. Coffee grains are from around world. They grind the coffee there. We enjoyed it with any of the wonderful breakfast meals they served there. Coffee and breakfast are so good and so popular that they can afford to close early evening and still make a profit.
2. La Charamusca, in Tequisquiapan, Mexico. They have an old coffee roaster, still working, so old it takes longer to roast the coffee, I was told. By the way if you visit here take a hot air balloon ride, weather is so perfect that  it is almost guaranteed there won't be cancellations.
3. Punta del Cielo Premiun (brewed at home) in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The coffee is cultivated in Veracruz Mexico, but canned by a local company in San Luis Potosi. For being canned coffee, I was surprised how good it is. The instructions in the label suggests you to punch the center of the can to smell the immediate aroma exploding and coming out of the can before you open the can.

I have intentions to bring with me as many cans as I can back to the United States. I think I'll remained addicted to coffee.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Plaza Fundadores ¨"Founders Square"

I went downtown San Luis Potosi city yesterday. To the left is La CompaƱia church which was build in 1675. To the right is the headquarters building of the biggest public University in the city. I remember I visited this square when I was a child, There was a big round water fountain in the center. My uncle allowed me throw a coin to ask for a wish. I don't remember if the wish was granted or not. The benches weren't there either, now they are all over downtown, they are nice and comfortable. I'm a witness of changes in the city, that means I'm getting old, just like these buildings.....shocking!

Friday, February 14, 2014

The missing songs on the radio.

Plaza Milenio San Luis Potosi city, Mexico. 22 09 03.08 N, 100 58 55.82 W. 

This city is no different than any other in the world. Traffic, traffic, traffic. While driving  to Plaza Milenio in downtown I was listening to the radio. Free radio. I tuned many different stations and I listened only commercials or talk shows in ALL of them. Where are the songs? Radio stations don't promote songs of singers as hard as they used to. I could hear the same song 20 times in a day. Not anymore. Broadcasting commercials is a way to survive for the radio, clients who actually pay and talk shows are a way to speak freely about what's going on in this country, it's less controlled than TV. For that reason radio have found a way to make people still listen to the radio, is just that we have to deal with sponsors. Radio is not dying, it's all of us.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

An odd encounter

I went to the theater to watch the movie 47 Ronin 3D yesterday; my comment is not about the movie, but what I saw in the theater. I was surprised to see a family of Indians from a Mexican tribe called Huichol. These people are very elusive and it is extremely rare to find Huicholes in the city, much less in theaters of this kind. These VIP theaters have only 28 wide recliners, waiter service to your seat, kind of fancy and not cheap, something you don’t expect humble people like Huicholes can afford. Huicholes usually pilgrimage from little coastal towns in the Pacific Ocean to Central Mexico to perform holy ceremonies, where they find and consume peyote, which is a small hallucinogenic cactus protected by the government. It is illegal to collect by civilians but it is allowed to collect and use by Huicholes because of their beliefs. Anyway, going back to my experience with Huicholes, my first attempt to take a photo was 20 years ago or so; it was a man. He saw my intentions and dignifiedly stood up and walked away fast. I was told that they believe that if you are photographed your spirit will be trap in the photo. I cannot say that is true nowadays because of what happened last year. This time I asked permission to a woman to take her photo in a small town called Real de Catorce, she shyly accepted. This is the image I drew from that photo and I’m showing here. My conclusion to all this is that Huicholes are not afraid of technology any more, they seem to understand, enjoy and even afford this kind of luxury..….who knows….. it’s just my opinion.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fair trade, well deserved.

Bob playing sudoku on the airplane, excited and  hoping for a fair trade, lots of snow for sunny and warm days, we deserved it.