Thursday, February 13, 2014

An odd encounter

I went to the theater to watch the movie 47 Ronin 3D yesterday; my comment is not about the movie, but what I saw in the theater. I was surprised to see a family of Indians from a Mexican tribe called Huichol. These people are very elusive and it is extremely rare to find Huicholes in the city, much less in theaters of this kind. These VIP theaters have only 28 wide recliners, waiter service to your seat, kind of fancy and not cheap, something you don’t expect humble people like Huicholes can afford. Huicholes usually pilgrimage from little coastal towns in the Pacific Ocean to Central Mexico to perform holy ceremonies, where they find and consume peyote, which is a small hallucinogenic cactus protected by the government. It is illegal to collect by civilians but it is allowed to collect and use by Huicholes because of their beliefs. Anyway, going back to my experience with Huicholes, my first attempt to take a photo was 20 years ago or so; it was a man. He saw my intentions and dignifiedly stood up and walked away fast. I was told that they believe that if you are photographed your spirit will be trap in the photo. I cannot say that is true nowadays because of what happened last year. This time I asked permission to a woman to take her photo in a small town called Real de Catorce, she shyly accepted. This is the image I drew from that photo and I’m showing here. My conclusion to all this is that Huicholes are not afraid of technology any more, they seem to understand, enjoy and even afford this kind of luxury..….who knows….. it’s just my opinion.

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