Friday, February 14, 2014

The missing songs on the radio.

Plaza Milenio San Luis Potosi city, Mexico. 22 09 03.08 N, 100 58 55.82 W. 

This city is no different than any other in the world. Traffic, traffic, traffic. While driving  to Plaza Milenio in downtown I was listening to the radio. Free radio. I tuned many different stations and I listened only commercials or talk shows in ALL of them. Where are the songs? Radio stations don't promote songs of singers as hard as they used to. I could hear the same song 20 times in a day. Not anymore. Broadcasting commercials is a way to survive for the radio, clients who actually pay and talk shows are a way to speak freely about what's going on in this country, it's less controlled than TV. For that reason radio have found a way to make people still listen to the radio, is just that we have to deal with sponsors. Radio is not dying, it's all of us.

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