Thursday, February 28, 2013

Airlines experiences.

5 x 8 in. When I posted this drawing, my mind was in blank, I couldn’t think of anything to say, but now I have a story to tell about my experiences with airlines. One day, at the airport in Frankfort, Germany, I order a coffee at a coffee shop, the employee told me they were out of coffee. Well I left the line but overheard the guy next behind me order coffee too and suddenly she had coffee to sell! My heart dropped to the ground, I´ve never being humiliated like this, I was so in shock that I didn’t react and return to complaint, actually, I was so embarrassed that it took me several minutes to tell Bob about it. The truth of the matter is that that day I was traveling wearing the worse cloth you can ever imagine, sweat pants, old T-shirt, my hair was mess too (as it usually is). Just because I’ve traveled to some countries I felt like an experienced world traveler, I thought I could travel wearing as I please and still being treated like a queen. But I don’t finish yet. I’ve experience the other end of the spectrum. Years before that, I flew to the United States from Mexico. I was very well dress-up, almost like a European princess. I had a coach ticket though. I was at the gate ready to board the plane and the lady behind the front desk scanned me from top to bottom, I saw it in her eyes and out f nothing she asked me, if I wanted a seat in business class, a free upgrade! Of course I took it. The incredible thing is that it didn’t happen once, but another day, again, twice!  Airlines should treat you the same regardless what you are wearing, but this is real life. So the lesson here is: They way they see you…… the way they treat you. This turns out very true, at least for me.

Layers and layers.

10 x 8 Red tacos of Doña Julia are a wonder. She presents her dish as a pyramid of layer of food. All combined it's an explosion of  flavor in the mouth. I......well certainly all of us, appreciate the fact that she came to cook for us today as she promised, despite she twisted her ankle  yesterday and she was in pain. Julia we love you! Thanks!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The scent of guavas.

5 x 8 in. I wish a could paint the scent of guava on my notebook to take it with me everywhere.

The looms of wool in Bernal, Mexico

9 x 12 in. Mrs. Julia, mom’s help, asked me yesterday, if I do my drawings from photographs. Although I try not to, sometimes I do. This drawing, however, is from direct observation. I sat down in the street, cold wind was blowing on my back, I was wearing a light sweater, I was very uncomfortable, not even the people who stopped to watch me or their comments distracted me as much as cold. So I went to look for Bob at the main square 40 meters or so from where I was to ask him to get me a jacket at the hotel. Bob to the rescue again. Just right at the center on this drawing, to the left of the craft store “La Aurora”, wool items are for sale. Bob and I were fortunate to enter to the hidden workshop where these items are made at the very same store. There were a lot of looms and many colorful wool yarns from the region. Three men were working the looms, the youngest was very skilled and fast, too focus on what he was doing for me to interrupt him asking him questions, and the other two older and slower. After a short conversation, one of them, Guadalupe, 82, showed us his old note book, it had simple designs of his creation. He showed us how to combine color wool yarns in the loom, smiling, excited and not using eye glasses! Those who live in San Sebastian de Bernal and share proudly their artwork live a simple and happy life. Knowing this, we left the place with a smile.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Quiet Tequisquiapan, Mexico

9 x 12 in. Parish of Santa Maria de la Asuncion, in the main square of the quiet Mexican small town,Tequisquiapan. The clock in the tower plays a beautiful sound that reminds me of Europe, specially Drosselgasse street in Rudesheim, Germany. After a few silent days of rest, we returned to my mother's in San Luis Potosi. We did not miss it but we'll hear again the demolition noise from next door. Oh no! Here we go again! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sparkling wine from Ezequiel Montes, Mexico

5 x 8 in. Just because is not made in France, it cannot be called Champagne, but quality is very good. Sparkling wine made in Ezequiel Montes, the world. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Old Prison in San Luis Potosi

Although I’ve visited a prison before, the experience was not bad at all. I was a child when my uncle was a political prisoner. The security check points at the airports in the United States are stricter nowadays that the inspection I went through that day. The visit was in the lunch area, so I did not have access to the prison cells. Out of my curiosity to “feel” a prison, I went to the old prison here in San Luis Potosi, aka hotel Juarez, because it is on Juarez Avenue. This building is very old and beautiful. It was built in 1904 and is made of stone, a real gem. It worked as a prison until 1999. A lot of important people were prisoners here, among them Madero, a Mexican president. It is now a fine arts school. Before I entered the building I parked my butt on the grass to make this drawing. There was not a curious soul around me. I supposed someone who is drawing out of an art school is an everyday sight. After 90 minutes or so I decided to go inside before they close. When I was in the pavilions, the prison cells, now offices, rehearsal rooms, storage rooms, have stone frame doors instead of bars, and they are not very high. There was only one small window higher than an average person in every cell. The cells looked spacious…..empty. But with people and furniture in it, that’s another story. There’s no access to seconds floor but for students and professors. I don’t believe there’s difference between the first and second floor cell, except that upper prisoners’ prayers would be heard first by the Lord. This visit did not help me to visualize and feel a prison, everything is so beautifully remodeled that I even thought, if one day I go to jail, it wouldn’t be that bad, but I know is not like that, with all those images of prison we see on television and movies, overpopulated, dirty and full of people with questionable background, I rather behave and be a good girl.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bread & Watch, SLP Mex

9 x 12 in. The last time I drew was three weeks ago, when I got a cold. I stopped drawing and I lost my watch. I could not find it anywhere. I looked for it in my purses, drawers, clothing pockets, you name it. It drove me crazy. I was so sick, with no energy, so I let it go. I got used to not wearing it and I found I didn’t need the dam watch. It felt so good I wasn’t a time slave anymore. I forgot the matter. Today, Bob, my dad and I had breakfast at a nice place call Diepan, the business name means something like Diet Bread. They started making whole grain bread, it was such a hit here in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, that they opened a restaurant. We had a great experience and we bought some pieces of famous pastry for mom and my brother Javier. So I decided to draw the piece of pastry and sure enough, when least expected… there it is, the watch among my painting tools. So the circle is closed. Due to a piece of pastry I found my watch. Who knows when I will use it again.