Thursday, February 28, 2013

Airlines experiences.

5 x 8 in. When I posted this drawing, my mind was in blank, I couldn’t think of anything to say, but now I have a story to tell about my experiences with airlines. One day, at the airport in Frankfort, Germany, I order a coffee at a coffee shop, the employee told me they were out of coffee. Well I left the line but overheard the guy next behind me order coffee too and suddenly she had coffee to sell! My heart dropped to the ground, I´ve never being humiliated like this, I was so in shock that I didn’t react and return to complaint, actually, I was so embarrassed that it took me several minutes to tell Bob about it. The truth of the matter is that that day I was traveling wearing the worse cloth you can ever imagine, sweat pants, old T-shirt, my hair was mess too (as it usually is). Just because I’ve traveled to some countries I felt like an experienced world traveler, I thought I could travel wearing as I please and still being treated like a queen. But I don’t finish yet. I’ve experience the other end of the spectrum. Years before that, I flew to the United States from Mexico. I was very well dress-up, almost like a European princess. I had a coach ticket though. I was at the gate ready to board the plane and the lady behind the front desk scanned me from top to bottom, I saw it in her eyes and out f nothing she asked me, if I wanted a seat in business class, a free upgrade! Of course I took it. The incredible thing is that it didn’t happen once, but another day, again, twice!  Airlines should treat you the same regardless what you are wearing, but this is real life. So the lesson here is: They way they see you…… the way they treat you. This turns out very true, at least for me.

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