Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The looms of wool in Bernal, Mexico

9 x 12 in. Mrs. Julia, mom’s help, asked me yesterday, if I do my drawings from photographs. Although I try not to, sometimes I do. This drawing, however, is from direct observation. I sat down in the street, cold wind was blowing on my back, I was wearing a light sweater, I was very uncomfortable, not even the people who stopped to watch me or their comments distracted me as much as cold. So I went to look for Bob at the main square 40 meters or so from where I was to ask him to get me a jacket at the hotel. Bob to the rescue again. Just right at the center on this drawing, to the left of the craft store “La Aurora”, wool items are for sale. Bob and I were fortunate to enter to the hidden workshop where these items are made at the very same store. There were a lot of looms and many colorful wool yarns from the region. Three men were working the looms, the youngest was very skilled and fast, too focus on what he was doing for me to interrupt him asking him questions, and the other two older and slower. After a short conversation, one of them, Guadalupe, 82, showed us his old note book, it had simple designs of his creation. He showed us how to combine color wool yarns in the loom, smiling, excited and not using eye glasses! Those who live in San Sebastian de Bernal and share proudly their artwork live a simple and happy life. Knowing this, we left the place with a smile.

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