Friday, February 8, 2013

Bread & Watch, SLP Mex

9 x 12 in. The last time I drew was three weeks ago, when I got a cold. I stopped drawing and I lost my watch. I could not find it anywhere. I looked for it in my purses, drawers, clothing pockets, you name it. It drove me crazy. I was so sick, with no energy, so I let it go. I got used to not wearing it and I found I didn’t need the dam watch. It felt so good I wasn’t a time slave anymore. I forgot the matter. Today, Bob, my dad and I had breakfast at a nice place call Diepan, the business name means something like Diet Bread. They started making whole grain bread, it was such a hit here in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, that they opened a restaurant. We had a great experience and we bought some pieces of famous pastry for mom and my brother Javier. So I decided to draw the piece of pastry and sure enough, when least expected… there it is, the watch among my painting tools. So the circle is closed. Due to a piece of pastry I found my watch. Who knows when I will use it again. 

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