Monday, January 16, 2017

Hidalgo Part 1/6. Atlanteans figures of Tula

There's a book about Toltec philosophy called The Four Agreements, quite famous, if  you haven't read it, please do, it will take a lot of garbage out of your head. Curiosly today I visited an archeological zone of where the Toltecs built their main city. I finally could put an image to the book I like. On top of the main pyramid I sat on the floor under the blasting sun. The figures or statues are proudly standing, which are high hierarchy Toltec warriors. The one on the left is a replica and the other three are originals, it's quite obvious since they still have some residues of red color in the porous volcanic stone. It was until I started to sketch  them that I saw all the details these warriors had on them. I started with the head, wow, lots of feathers. The butterfly shape shield in their chest, a circular shield in their back, the bands in their arms and so on. I was in awe how rich these warriors were dressed . Also, important, the sculptors didn't forget the anatomy of the rear cheeks. Worthy of Mr. Universe. Ha!

Aqfter our visit, we had a snack at the parking lot. A street dog came to us and stood quietly next to me. I shared part of my ham sandwich with it and it ate it, then I gave it a piece of Sacher as dessert, it ate too, and then a wedge of a mandarin and the picky dog didn't eat it. That's ok. He layed down and I sketched it while waiting for Bob to finish his snack. We had a good day. While I'm here in the state Hidalgo of my beloved Mexico, I'll try to sketch as much as I can because sketches are the best souvenirs, don't you agree? Click here for Part 2.

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