Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Not the same

I made this sketch from a photo of a food stand I took at a street light today at dusk. Streets get busy at night here, specially when is time for dinner and one can smell food cooking, specially from food stands, so close to the street. There was nowhere to park. Too much traffic. Wrong time? Not really. Too dark to sketch? No. It was pure laziness which made me take this photo as an attempt to appease my itchy hand. Sketching from a photo reminded me that there is a big difference from sketching on location. The process was boring. Having to look at a screen where I couldn't see as many details as you are able when you are there is frustrating and couldn't find emotion. It was done automatically. A line here, a line there, add color..... whatever.... There's something about sketching on location that makes the process of sketching exciting. I think the right word is connection....yes. A connection with the moment I was living at that time and putting it on paper. No only I am sketching a moment, I am registering a memory that can trigger feelings, sounds, even odors. It is all this what makes a sketch made on location rich and complex for the one who draws it. This is beautiful. Do not forget it Adriana.

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