Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My first sketching meet up in San Luis Potosi city.

Esdras is a young man who contacted me earlier this year and we met today in downtown San Luis Potosi city, Mexico. He was interested on watching how do I apply watercolor techniques to my sketches, information that he said could be useful for his personal project. He's a Physical Engineer, working now in his master degree. We met in Teatro La Paz in Plaza del Carmen. The view from the stairs of the theater is extraordinary. Right across the theater is located the National Museum of Masks. A place I have sketched indoors and published in this blog, click this link to see it. Today I had the chance to sketch the exterior of the museum with Esdras which is the building on the left. On the right, a partial view of Carmen Square. Today I used Daniel Smith watercolor paint. Wow! I'm liking it... and liking it a lot.

Thanks Esdras for joining me today.  You were gracious and attentive towards my work. It was fun meeting you. Until next time!

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