Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Guanajuato II Part 1. In the back of my mind.

We are back in Guanajuato city. I’m all sore. Hilly Guanajuato is welcoming us with a reality, we are so out of shape. Staying at a place at the top hills of the city turned out to be a burden, but what can you do, if you want to reach a place to sleep. Ha!  The geography is different to what we are used to in flat Shorewood or San Luis Potosi and the view from the house is extraordinary. The sounds are different, being so close from downtown we hear the bells of churches calling to mass and the multiple dogs barking and roosters singing tells me that I cannot participate in their conversation and by the way the whole neighborhood is listening to. We need groceries. There are few supermarkets here. Lots of little convenience/groceries stores around every corner, where some owners still prepare your bill writing the prices of what you are buying in a piece of paper and adding the numbers with no electronic device, just their head and the math they learned in elementary school. Old ways in the city. At the end of the walking alley on the right there's one. This view is Plaza Mexiamora, an enchanting place to sit and watch a grandma feeding the doves with tortilla shells and life passing by.

One of the places I love form this city is Cafe Conquistador, a humble cafe, next to Santa Fe Tunnel, to my eyes the best in town. Last time I was in this city I enjoyed coffee here but I left the city without a sketch of it and believe or not, it has been in the back of my mind. Finally, yesterday I sketched it, a fond memory of its roasted coffee beans which I can smell blocks away and the delicious coffee of course, trapped in my sketchbook. Oh Guanajuato, how I am going to enjoy you.

If you want to read about my last visit to this city in 2015 click here or click here for Part 2.

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  1. enjoy! Looks like a great place.
    Sheri Fehrenbacher