Thursday, January 12, 2017

Palm crickets

There's no need for me to look for something to sketch, sometimes it just jumps at you. Walking the streets of the city of San Luis Potosi, I saw a beautiful craft made by a couple of craftsmen. They had several crickets made of fresh palm leaves on the floor. I thought they were so cute but didn't stop and passed them. Few steps later I turned around and bought one for one USD. They assured me it will last 20 days green, then it will start to dry and become brown, but with care, it can last for a while. The couple was nice. 

She started another one by waving the strips of a palm leaf and he was finishing another by gluing the eyes. I took a good look at them and thought they were so interesting. He was wearing a hat with a cricket on top, which I thought it was smart, the man was exhibiting his product for sale. I asked if I could sketch them and they were happy to pose. While sketching them they told me they are from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. They learned the technique from someone else and now they are touring the country to sell their crafts, in San Luis Potosi for now. After I showed them the sketch, they were so happy and posed for a photo. They gave a hummingbird over a rose made of palm leaf as well, in return for sharing them my sketch. They have a FaceBook page, click Engrillarte if you want to see more of their crafts. German and Karina, it was pleasure meeting you today. Your cricket will make me smile for a while.