Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sanding walls.

Eziquio, Jesus and Franciso are construction workers. Their faces have become familiar over time. They have been building a house next to my moms for three years, yes! Three long years of agony, listening loud noises and dealing with dust, since the demolition of the previous home. The new house is huge! I hope they finish soon but I'm going to miss them when they leave. They have witnessed how the health of mom has declined and therefore they asked discretely how's her health in numerous times. I though it was nice they did that. 

Yesterday I sketched them sanding by hand the quarry stone wall that faces the street.

A5 Hand.Book, pen, ink and watercolor.

I asked them why don't they use electrical equipment. It seemed like my inquiries reflected my urgency for this home work to be over. They told me they did it already to the interior walls made of the same material. It turned out that the tool was so abrasive that left the walls' surface uneven and with marks, that's why they were doing it by hand. They asked me if they could buy a copy of my sketches to keep them as souvenirs. Of course I did prints of my sketches for free. My models don't pay. 

A5 Hand.Book, pen, ink and watercolor.

I really liked the corduroy jacket that Francisco was wearing, it's the first time I try to draw such fabric. My favorite part was his shoes, dusted aqua color shoes, but I really took a good close-up to figure out the color and color them as new. It's hard, after all, to find a construction worker with such fashionable color shoes!


  1. This is super Adriana. It sums up why urban sketching is the best form of art in the whole world - who else draws the sanding guys? They sound like really nice guys too. By the way you think three years is long? Try ten...and not there yet. That's why I come across as odd at times XX

    1. Oh my! No wonder. I understand completely.