Sunday, January 3, 2016

Making up the mess.

A5 Hand.Book, pen, ink and watercolor.
This chimney and others not shown in this view belong to a mining company. For many years people and workers living next to this area complaint about the pollution generated in every possible way, air, soil and water. I myself could felt my lungs itching and caughing during my workouts in a park near this area back in the 80's.The company was closed in the 2000's. It is visually obvious that some changes are happening now. The vast soil is being leveled and covered with round river stones. Part of the design includes some pyramids made with the same finishes, they are quite beautiful. What is a fact is that this company created a small park with a hiking trail. I heard is the initial stage of a huge project, I truly believe they are building a public place, a recreational park to make up all the ecological damage and who knows what else. About time.

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