Saturday, January 23, 2016

Real de Catorce Mexico Part 5 of 5. The people.

The people of Real de Catorce is humble and friendly. Maricela works at Meson de la Abundancia, highly recommendable hotel. That evening she was making some floral center pieces at the bar for the  dining tables of the restaurant, made with fresh flowers, roses in deep color peach and small yellow ones. She was enjoying a friendly conversation with the barman Rodrigo, who seemed to be aware of me sketching him and moved away. I think I made him uncomfortable. Maricela’s attitude towards visitors was friendly and polite. She always had a smile on her face. She seemed to be always doing something and best of all, she looked happy doing her job. We enjoyed the flowers arranged in little green pots made of clay during several meals. To Maricela and Rodrigo, we enjoyed meeting you both. 

A5 Sketchbook, pen, ink and watercolor.
Benito Ramirez Tovar is a stableman and it was our tour guide to Cerro el Quemado. We met at the bridge Puente de Jesus, built in 1894, now Zaragoza Bridge. He brought his three horses Travieso (Naughty), Gorrion (Sparrow) and Duvalin (a brand name of the 70’s, a chocolate and vanilla marble soft candy), the best fed horses in town. Benito was extremely thoughtful and patient with us. He helped us in any possible way. His knowledge in the area and the Wixaritari Indians made our experience one of the best we ever had with local people. Next day we ran into him by a grocery store, we greeted each other and asked him to join us for dinner. He accepted. That evening we met his family Margarita and his two sons Angel and Alexander. We talked about horses among other subjects. They told us how they got Travieso, the most beloved one. They got a mare they didn't know it was pregnant, yes I wondered the same that you wonder now. She was in bad health when they bought her. Few weeks later Travieso was born. He is a handsome healthy horse, taller than the horses in Real de Catorce. The native horses have shorter legs and are perfect for walk / ride the rocky hills. Travieso on the other hand had a native mare and a purebred father. He grew so handsome someone wanted to buy it when the prices of horses rose but they rejected the good offer and kept Travieso. Prices of horses were once affordable for the people of Real de Catorce. Then a long drought came and the horses started to die or become unhealthy, they ate grass in the hills, you see. That's when prices dropped and horses started to sell by dozens at a time for a cheap price, for a certain industry, I was told. The few lucky horses that remained in town gained their weight back when the rain returned to Real de Catorce, and the prices of horses rose. Benito and Margarita, his wife, made the right decision. They kept Travieso, the beloved horse that grew up with their kids.   

Benito Martinez Tovar
Stableman and guide tour
Cel phone +52 1(444) 111 2944
Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

We talked about that among other subjects. We had a wonderful relaxed dinner. Because he is the best, I highly recommend Benito. He authorized me to post his cell phone number to be contacted in case anyone who comes by this lands is interested in his services. I'm thrilled we came to Real de Catorce, where local people who didn't leave town, stayed and still live in the town they love, offering their services to make it a better place. Real de Catorce is denominated as Pueblo Magico, it is indeed a place where its people make it magical.

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