Monday, January 18, 2016

Real de Catorce Mexico Part 2 of 5. The cemetery.

A5 AMI Sketchbook, pen, ink and watercolor.
Bob and I arrived an afternoon. We walked to the furthest part of town which is the cemetery. It’s divided in the new cemetery use today by its population and the old cemetery which has graves from the late 1800’s. The two cemeteries are divided by a chapel devoted to the Virgen of Guadalupe. Inside we could see there were left some balloons from the festivities of December 12, date in which the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated. 

A5 AMI Sketcthbook, pen, ink and watercolor.
A curious fact about the chapel is that there are graves blocking the entry path to the chapel. Bob and I had to skip the graves carefully to not step on the graves and to keep our balance! Once we reached the chapel we sat on the steps of the entry looking away downhill. We loved the magnificent view of the hills and the faraway Altiplano valley. 
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  1. Beautiful Adriana - you can feel the heat. I love the view over the sea too! And I love the pendants in Mexican colours. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks my dear, I think I added to much blue to the valley so it looks like the sea, sorry for the confusion.