Monday, February 1, 2016

Tangamanga I Park. A paradise in the city.

A5 Hand.Book, pen, ink, watercolor and waterbrush.
One of the most visited parks in San Luis Potosi city is Park Tangamanga I. The artificial lake is not always filled with water. It doesn't rain here often. Last year, however, it rained for weeks. So much, that the lake came to life again. Although the lake is drying, there's still much water to make the lake look like that, a lake. Hundreds of birds of species I've never seen before (you'll see I'm a not a bird watcher so all are unknown to me) were bathing in the shallow waters. My family and I went there for a breakfast picnic. This morning was perfect, sunny with a light breeze, and the temperature like autumn was very inviting. After breakfast we laid down on the grass, we left the breeze to caress our skin. The constant quack of  ducks sound like a song. A beautiful morning, a great escape from routine right in the city.    


  1. I love trailing along with you through your wonderful watercolors.