Sunday, November 8, 2015

San Fracisco, CA Part 6. How to get warm in San Francisco

Stillman & Birn Beta Series 7in x 10in, pen , ink and watercolor.

Over 2 years ago, on my trip to San Francisco with my friends, I had the idea to spend one afternoon to sketch on my own . I made three sketches that day, but I only published two, the first was the wharf and the last one, the golden bridge. This is the second sketch I didn't published. I had the idea to walk from the wharf to the Palace of Fine Arts.  I gave up a wonderful supper with my friends at the very nice restaurant. It was cold and windy. When I arrived to the Palace I realized how big it was! I went close to it and wanted to sketch some details from up close. Needless to say I didn’t fit in my sketchbook. So I did what I could. I think I never published this one because in not one of my favorites, not  because I didn't like the result, but how I felt. The sun was setting, I was in the back of the Palace against a wall, a cold wall. No one was around, this is one of the few times I felt uncomfortable being alone. At that moment I regretted I wasn’t at a cozy restaurant having a warm meal with my friends. I walked along the bay back to the hotel and I saw the light, literally. The sun was setting and illuminating the golden bridge, I felt the need to call my husband while I sketched it. I was looking a way to warm-up in any possible way. After I finished the golden bridge I walked back to the hotel. I could take a cab but the view was amazing, and I’m not talking about the bay only. There was a pleiad of Greek gods exercising along the bay, why would I deprive my eyes from such a feast. Once at the hotel I was grateful for the warm welcome from my friends at the bar. It was a very productive long day and I needed a drink…… a warm one.

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