Thursday, November 26, 2015

Olympic Pool in Guadalupe, ZAC. Mexico

A5 Hand.Book, pen, ink and watercolor.
I visited family in Guadalupe. It was an express visit. The day I arrived I was invited to go to swimming classes. I went, but I sketched instead because I didn't bring my swim suit with me. The facilities are open to the public. My sister in-law takes classes at night. She works, returns to home prepare the meal for her family, rest a little bit and then goes to swim. There are instructors along the length of the pool and the swimmers exercise along the wide of the pool,  this way they make sure there's space for the many groups who attend. I sketched for about 50 minutes from the seats above. The view was pure joy, lots to see, including the spectacular view of the night lights of the city through the big windows. I used the white gel pen uni-ball signo to draw the light, the only white gel pen I like so far. There's a good video about it in Parka blogs, click here. 
The white dots didn't show the warmth of the lights, so later my niece applied watercolor over the dots and the image came alive. I think it worked very well. We had fun.

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