Monday, November 23, 2015

The love affair between street food and pharmacies.

I parked in Carranza Avenue near Muñoz Avenue. A young man was resting on the wall of a private school. He was selling potato chips in little bags, home made. They are delicious! and if you add some hot sauce or lime juice you make out of it a real treat. You can see street food vendors all over the city. In fact there was another vendor selling fruit next to him but he left before I started to sketch. We locals know very well we are taking our chances to become sick if we eat street food. There's a pharmacy beyond the corner across the street. Don't you think this is an irony? 

The drugstore mascot is a character called Dr. Simi, as a result of drugstore's name Similar. They sell affordable generic medications. There's a Dr. Simi in each branch. This character is very polite and quite funny, sometimes it can be a very skill dancer and entertainer. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. If my description didn't make you smile, then a video will.

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