Friday, November 27, 2015

Car service

A5 Hand.Book spread, pen, ink and watercolor.
It was time to change the tires of my car. My brother recommended this place. They did a great job fixing some issues the car had. I showed the employees of the place the sketch I finished and they really liked it. It was a way to thank them for the job well done. Everybody was smiling when I left, me too, I was happy for the good service and my car fixed.


  1. I love this so much. There is something about your approach that chimes so much with how I feel about urban sketching. I bet those guys really thought about what you did...and maybe thought about art in a new way. Go back there and make them join up. Only joking.

    1. Not a bad idea Roisin! The reaction I get from people is that they are not confident abut their sketching skills. But I'll keep inviting people, I'll be thrilled if someone joined me some day!