Saturday, November 21, 2015

Plaza Aranzazu II

A4 Acquarello Fabriano block, pen, ink and watercolor.

Since my arrival to San Luis Potosi city days ago, I felt the need to do some activities related to art. I found some courses open to the public with topics of low interest for me. I thought the subjects were very pretentious and useless, they were described in a way hard to understand (and I understand Spanish very well since it is my native language!) So the way these events are presented to the public to invite them to come and participate actually discourage people from coming, on top of that they are not free.  So I thought I could start a group on FB which I called 'Dibujando San Luis Potosi' and created the first of charge of course. The message 'Come and Draw' is easy to understand, plain and simple. The meeting place was in downtown in Aranzazu Square. I've been there before, this sketch below is from 2012, but this time I sketched the opposite view from under one of the arches, in the sketch above.

A5 Hand.Book spread, pen ink and watercolor.

Was the event successful? Well, yes and no. There was some people who showed interest but at the end nobody attended but me. I really had fun though, since it's fun to sketch even by yourself, but I really wanted to create the opportunity to meet people in this city who has the same interest than me. I won't give up. I'll create more events, maybe one day some one will show up and we'll have fun together.

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