Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cleaning station.

A4 Pro Art Sketch Book and graphite.

I've been browsing through my oldest sketches and found some sketches I've never published and like to share. This is the cleaning station  at my mom's laundry patio. You'll see. At mom's house everything is old fashion. We wash the cloth and hang it to let it dry at the sun. In this patio, which is in the second floor, the sun is bright. I wanted to warm-up. Yes, my mom lives in Mexico and contrary to many people's beliefs, it can be very, very cold during the winter. Central Mexico can be cold at nights and warm during the day, that's how you catch colds. Anyway, going back to my drawing. I sat in the laundry patio, wearing sweaters and taking the sun but with my loyal pencil and sketchbook in my hands. The array of cleaning tools in front of me was so enchanting to me because they looked like trained soldiers waiting to accomplish their duty, well... except for that one on the floor, which looks like it's having a hangover. This is an old sketch but the story behind it is still fresh in my mind.