Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Urban sketchers occupational hazards.

There's a lot going on behind sketches that fortunately I can describe in this blog. For example, this woman was waiting in a doctor's office. She was texting at that moment, but also had a book on her lap. Despite the fact that she looked distracted she kept an eye on me. Our eyes made contact, it was awkward. I smiled slightly at her but she didn't react. I continued sketching her before she moved, I knew she was going to, it was a race against time. Hurry up Adriana! Sure enough, she got up and sat down in another chair. But guess what? I got you! My intention was to show her the sketch but her turn was called before I finished the sketch, oh well. I meant good.

The man on the right was having lunch with what looked like his children. The son looked very calm and was eating healthy, a beautiful salad and a hamburger. He left the buns aside. He can put a lot of us to shame. His dad had restless hands, it looked like the hands had its own will. The girl? I didn't care not sketching her. The whole show was this pair. 

I liked this couple. They were not together of course, I hope the size of each shows perspective, if not, well....just pretend. I liked this view because of the contrast, he was formally dressed and she was dressed totally casual. I'm really having fun using my Stillman&Birn pocket size Beta Series capturing THIS!