Monday, August 1, 2016

Rare July

I have never had a Summer so busy to the point that I'm exhausted. I had therefore neglected this blog. I would like to post more than I can but this is what I got so far. 

First I would like to mention that this Summer I participated in two 5k races, me? Yes.....unheard of. The first one was a 5k walk in one of the hottest, most humid and nastiest days of the summer, but all of it is forgotten once I remember that I finished it and got my medal. Picture me now with a big pride smile.

Then, within a week my friend and I decided to register to another 5k race that turned out to be one the funniest activities I had in months! It was an opportunity to climb, jump, bounce, slide and laugh as a child. I arrived early. I made two quick sketches in my pocket S&B sketchbook with pencil.  

This is the start inflatable obstacle.

And this one is the last inflatable obstacle at the finish line.

Last Sunday we had a family gathering to celebrate one of the child's birthday. There were different groups with several topic conversations. I caught this one. Adults stay still for a while. They are always great models. It wasn't a white party, I left their cloth in white on purpose, you know, the artistic liberty.....

So far so good. My calendar is slimming down, but still shows one or two parties coming. Bring it on!

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