Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Old Joliet Prison

Desolate and abandoned is the Old Joliet Prison. Yes, the place for the opening scene in the Blue Brothers film. Even so, old is charming and veeeeery sketch-able. The building was built with yellow limestone. Joliet lies in a huge bed of limestone. It was quarried to built this prison and many other buildings in the city of Joliet, even the Water Tower, a recognizable landmark in Chicago, was built using limestone from Joliet. The multiple antennas on the roof give the impression that this building is still in use, but the broken glass of the windows says otherwise. The heat made me leave the spot with a inked sketch. I colored it later that day under a roof, in the comfort of air conditioning and a scoop of ice cream to my side. A man approached to me to asked me if I was an artist. I identified myself as a sketcher. We talked about his blog, my blog and I mentioned he could join Urban Sketchers in Chicago, I hope he does so, he would realize this is a fun way to meet people who share the same interest.

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