Monday, August 15, 2016

Red neighborhood

I keep experimenting with this technique which is pre-coloring my sketchbook pages with a glaze of watercolor paint, let it dry and sketch on location. I have noticed a couple of things. One, it saves me time. The fact that the paper has been colored already limits the palette I would use. I think less is more here. Also I've noticed that the lines of ink are bolder or juicier do to the fact that the paper has lost some of the absorption that feature watercolor paper. This last observation doesn't bother me, actually I like it, the feel of the nib of my fountain open changes while gliding on the paper, it's hard to describe but I would say it is more sensitive to the touch and at the same time it feels like an extremely fine sand paper (?) for the lack of a better word. Well....I've been wanting to sketch this mobile home park for years! It's next to a hamburger place, I smelled food the whole time, so I'm hungry now. See you.

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