Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New gas station.

A5 Trav.e.logue Watercolor Sketchbook, pen, ink and watercolor.
There's a new gas station in town. Although a lot of people didn't want it here, there was a survey among the people in the area to know whether or not they wanted it. They swore the gas station would look nice and neat according to the town and neighborhood's standards and style. I heard the people who wanted it won 7 votes to 1. Now that it is here turned out to be convenient for a lot of people. When we left to Mexico last November they were digging the grounds and saw gasoline tanks on the ground. Now that we are back it fascinates me how fast they build things here. The car wash's building is there but is not open to the public yet. I went to check it out this evening, sat inside the store and sketched from the big, clear and new window. 


  1. So much fancier and more modern than Irish gas stations. The US is always so far ahead of us...

    1. It's all relative. Do you know that in Mexico the gas stations have employees to fill up the tank of the car for you? And for a humble tip, which is entirely up to you, they check the pressure of the tires and fill with air if needed and clean your windshield? Full service without getting out of your car!