Saturday, April 2, 2016

The 5 month surprise.

20 x 14 cm AMI Watercolor Sketchbook, pen, ink and watercolor.

Here I come, little miss perfection, thinking that returning home after months away, everything will be ready to use, and that includes the refrigerator. We, better said, I like to leave our refrigerator working when we are away. After many failed attempts, leaving the fridge unplugged has met us with ugly surprises, from bad odor (stinky really), fans that don't work, to having to buy a new unit. So given said that, we left our fridge working. I usually put seeds, nuts, cans of soda or food in tetra-packs to keep the fridge running. Well, this time I left by accident an onion saver with half onion inside for 5 months! I took it out of the fridge and it felt heavy. -Oh my, don't shake it- I thought - all the spores from mold will spread everywhere-. I opened the saver and a beautiful sprout sprang out the container. It was a sprout with yellow branches shaped in a spiral form. So cute and no mold! The leaves or branches or I don't know how it is called became green in a matter of hours! Then I thought, don't bulbs need water to sprout? I think the bulb dehydrated but the container kept the released water enclosed. The wonders of an onion. So I sketched it, honor to whom honors is due, and by that I mean to Mother Nature.


  1. Amazing, isn't it, how an onion can develop new roots in such a hostile environment (no light, freezing air)... It's the miracle of nature!

    1. Exactly, Miu, it's still time I don't dare to toss it away, how could I?

    2. Plant it Adriana!! I have one that looks remarkably similar... the difference is that I didn't go away. It was just on my shelf with the cereal, no idea how I could have ignored it for so long. But do plant it - it's tried so hard to live! Then sketch what happens!

    3. Oh Gosh, I feel awful I used it today for the mashed potatoes! Just the green part, as scallions you see. It was delicious. As far as the bulb, well it's freezing outside so I threw it in the trash.... sadly I did.