Sunday, April 10, 2016

An excuse to not to eat

A5 Trav.e.logue Watercolor Sketchbook, pen, ink and watercolor.

I've been wanting to try a new set up to sketch with the new tools that I bought. I normally use Pentel waterbrushes on the go. I got a set of travel watercolor brushes that I couldn't wait to try and I finally did yesterday. This time my excitement to use these new toys was greater than my desire to eat my meal warm. I absolutely loved them. A traditional American breakfast was in front of me and chose it as my subject.  The waitress came to the table to check on my sketch but she seemed to be more concerned about my meal getting cold, and she expressed it to me. I told her that was one the downsides of sketching your meal, but I never told her I don't do it often.  It is after all that I need a really big excuse to keep me away from my food. Well here it is, enjoy.  


  1. Neat sketch! What kind of travel brushes did you get? One Lent, several years ago, I decided to paint every thing I ate. I lost five pounds!

    1. Da Vinci Travel Series 1503 Maestro, 4, 6 and 10, above is the link. I bought them in amazon for a great price, just the price of the size 10 alone sold in other places is the same that this set in amazon. They were out of stock everywhere and when saw them in amazon I thought it was a bargain! Who knew that sketching would help to loose weight!