Saturday, April 16, 2016

Celebrating Spring

A5 Trav.e.logue watercolor sketchbook, fountain pen and watercolor.

This morning we went out for breakfast. The restaurant was full so we got our turn number and sat in the lobby with other people, when a woman came into the restaurant dressed appropriately for today. Why? Because finally Mother Nature favored us with this gorgeous day of Spring after many near freezing cold days. Not only leaves on trees are showing up, people too. The attire of this woman was screaming Spring happiness. The floral pattern of her tight dress matched her hair band with also green fabric flowers that she was wearing as a crown, the flowers were literally on her forehead, like in one of those ladies from Robin Hood movies. She sat down next to our table, it was a perfect view to sketch her. I like the fact that despite her jazzy look, she doesn't give a damn about what others, like me, think or say. Way to go girl!

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