Friday, August 14, 2015

Nobody puts my baby in a corner.

We visited Starved Rock State Park located South of Utica, Illinois. I felt like if we were in a hurry to do outdoor activities before the summer ends. So I sat down to sketch this view. Then a couple of Asian young man, asked me if I could take a picture of them with this view as a background. They went down the stairs to the deck, turn around, posed for the picture, checked the photo I took and left. Boy were they in a hurry. That request left me thinking I should enjoy the view. So I did. We are on a rock called Lovers Leap, on the left is the Starved Rock, at the center the Plum Island which is closed to public visitors since it became a sanctuary of the bald eagle. We overlooked the Illinois river. All of these I absorbed. Not in a hurry.

Then we crossed the Illinois River through the bridge and went to the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center just across the big rocks we just visited to see the view from far. What can I say, it is beautiful. After that we went to the restrooms and this beauty was across the restroom doors, no information whatsoever was displayed about it. So yes, I sketched it too. Nobody puts my baby in a corner. 

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