Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pickled jalapeno peppers.

It’s time to crop vegetables. The popular vegetables of people who grow vegetables in the area are tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and peppers among other. My friend J gave us fresh jalapeno and serrano peppers this year. My intention was to try to do something different than last time. I always have cans of peppers in my pantry that I buy in the supermarket, so I thought why not trying to make pickled peppers. I studied a career related to the food industry. I don’t remember how it is done since I was in the University, what I mean is that I don’t remember the amounts, temperatures and times of the procedure, so I asked someone who knows about it. My college friend R, who lives in another country now, has been preparing Mexican food where she lives. It’s hard to find Mexican ingredients in that country. I contacted her through Skype and she shared me the recipe. We had a good chat, even our husbands joined the conversation! This sketch is the result of that preparation. The one on the left is one of the three cans I made, and the two small ones are gifts from my friend J. The product came out very good, tasty savory pickled jalapeno peppers Mexican style.  The look is not what is supposed to be because I used ground cinnamon and ground clove instead of whole spices therefore the liquid came out color brown and with some sediments. I .  don’t . care. The adventure of home making my own pickled jalapeno peppers was a joy. Cheers to my friends J and R who made it possible!