Saturday, August 15, 2015

The two crowds in Evanston.

I am so happy to see that the Group of Urban Sketchers Chicago is growing. A big crowd of people showed up today at the sketchcrawl in Evanston, IL. The feel of camaraderie was great. After few minutes trying to find a view to the shade, I ended up here, under the shade of a pine tree. After some minutes another crowd showed up, my friends  the insects joined the fun. Under me, hard working ants were climbing my limbs. To my side, flies and mosquitos let us know they were present and to end, from above, spiders in every size and color came down  graciously to rest on my sketchbook. They walked from one end to the other, like inspecting what I was doing to finally give me their approval and leave. Even the pine tree gave me its opinion! A drop of sap fell in the paper, I could lick it but it would look so gross. The pine tree made a statement, it said here! Make a mark here! Or perhaps it was just crying of laughter because the insects were all over me. Back to the sketch, I would prefer to erase those grey clouds since I think the sketch turned out darker than I wanted, but it was a sign that the rain was coming since I drove home while raining. Safe back at home I think it was good sketching, with a good crowd of sketchers and over all a good day. Amen.