Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seattle Part 4 of 6. A little mistake

We headed to the Pike Place Market to buy flowers for the wedding. Flowers are fresh and priced quite reasonable. Hanging out with people who lives in the city you are visiting is a great advantage, traffic in Seattle is not different than any other big city, locals know where to find parking spots. We parked in the North side of the market. Not long after I drafted myself from the group, and found the Public Market sign. I was very confident this one was the famous entrance. I had no clue something was missing. When I finished I phoned the group to find each other, they told me they were under the Public Market sign and I told them I was too, but we couldn't find each other. "We are in the middle of the street!", -so do I!, I replied. Then someone in the group figured out what was happening. I proudly sketched this:

Instead of this:

I had an aha! moment, the clock was missing. My pride became shame for missing this one. Now you know, that if you are as clueless as I am and you happen to be in Seattle for first time, please know that there are two Public Market signs.

Trying to forget the incident, I sketched a park in the North end of the market. I could sketch the main entrance of the public market, just if you wonder, but after all, there are so many beautiful sketches of this view out there to enjoy. Who is going to miss mine? Click here for part 5.


  1. A good story and regardless, it's still a great sketch, a Seattle scene few out-of-towners know about.

    1. Thanks Barbara. I like the story as it is, that gives me a reason to return to Seattle.