Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seattle Part 1 of 6. Two passengers on my way to Seattle

Here's one sketch more of people on airplanes.

The first passenger was a woman with matched earrings and a jacket in blue. She was buried in sheets of paper and reading the pages nervously over and over again and jumping from one page to another without any apparent order. I thought she didn’t have any electronic devices to entertain herself during the flight, which makes me think that this was the first time I saw electrical outlets in the back of every single seat in a plane. Airlines realized most passengers bring their own devices to entertain themselves, nobody watch movies on the plane screens anymore. When we landed, and the use of phones were allowed, this woman took out her smart phone from her purse and started to text. I don’t own and don’t know how to use a smart phone. The lesson here is: first don’t judge a book by its cover, and second I need to get a smart phone.

The second passenger was next to me on my right in the other side of the isle. This man was sleeping. His tattoo caught my attention. I could recognized a fish in the tattoo. After I was done sketching, I told him I liked his tattoo and showed him the sketch. He liked it (I haven’t met any person who doesn’t like my doodles, that’s the beauty of sketching). I asked him what was in the tattoo and if it has any meaning for him. He told me it was two sharks and the symbol in the center was a Hawaiian Tiki god, who keeps evil away. He was proud of it, then, simultaneously, he and his wife told me he was planning on tattooing his other arm. I wonder how people choose the image that is going to stay in their skin forever. It would be a big decision for me if I do so...but I don’t have to worry, it’s not going to happen....ever. Click here for part 2.

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