Monday, September 22, 2014

Seattle Part 2 of 6. Laurelhurst.

I found amazing views from this neighborhood. My first sketch shows a view of Lake Washington.  I spent a lot of time playing with green colors trying to render the many shades of trees and bushes in the Evergreen State. This was my second day in Seattle and it was cloudy. I had a brief taste of a normal day here, but I knew bright and sunny days coming ahead were going to make my stay memorable! 

Later that day I went to the Burke Museum located in the same area. There they found a piece of a mammoth recently, apparently it is a big deal, it was exhibited at the museum but it was still wrapped in this white material archaeologists use to protect and transfer their finds. What impressed me was the skeleton of a mammoth inside the museum, but I decided to sketch this wood sculpture right outside the entrance. I better write in this blog what I learned in the museum before I forget. The state of Washington was under water millions of years ago, that's why they have on display fossils of marine creatures found in the area.

Someone mention to me it was looking forward to see my sketch of the iconic Space Needle. The truth of the matter is that I didn't had a chance to sketch near it. This was the only chance I had to sketch it, and I took it, a view from Laurelhurst Park. It's so small that I had to point it out. Someone my be disappointed. Sorry.

My final sketch of this neighborhood is from my visit to the Laurelhurst Beach Club. It was the last day the beach was open. The day was sunny and as clear as water, even I could see Mount Rainier at the distance. Sunny days are so rare here, that the only subject I could hear people talk about was the sun. I love sunny days, but I don't like my skin exposed to the sun. The sun was setting and the shades of trees were getting bigger and covering most of the grass. I noticed my husband and I were the only ones in the shade. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY was under the sun, all local people. We two looked like isolated weirdos in this immense shaded area and the rest, all cornered in a small sunny area. It was so funny. I guess I underestimate the many bright sunny days we have in Illinois during the summer. Something to keep in mind. Click here for part 3.

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