Saturday, September 27, 2014

Seattle Part 6 of 6. The tale of an electric toothbrush

Ink and color pencil

Every time that we travel I take with me my electric toothbrush fully charged. It’s midnight, the night is quite. A buzzing noise starts and my brother in-law and sister in-law woke up. We are staying at their home. They looked around in their quest to find what is causing it. They think is my brother in-law’s pager. It’s not (by the way we are in the guest bedroom; we don’t hear the commotion). Finally my sister in-law finds the electric tooth brush in the guest restroom near their bedroom.  She cannot turn it off. It’s alive and it has free will. Next day I took it to our bedroom. It’s late that night. The buzz starts again and it’s LOUD. I cannot turn it off. Bad night. Next day I wanted to turn it on somehow to drain the battery but I could not do it.  I asked my brother in-law to place it outside the house, but he gave it back to me thinking he fixed it. The tooth brush is back inside the house. It was probably a better idea than leaving it outside, the backyards of houses in the neighborhood are small and if this thing does the trick again it would wake up the neighbors, yes, it was THAT loud. The buzz starts again, I cannot believe it, how long this is going to last? I cannot throw it away, I want to exchange it. I’m stuck with it. Finally I wrapped it with a towel and put it in the living room under the cushion of a sofa. The living room is in the first floor and the bedrooms on the second floor. It worked. We slept well that night, either I chose a good place to hide it or the battery drained. Next morning my sister in-law comes up from the basement; she said she hear it again. Oh no, the beast is still alive. At this point I’m embarrassed with the whole situation. Fortunately we didn’t hear it after that day. My brother in-law searched the website costumer service for me. I exchanged it already for a new one, although the warranty was due several months ago! I love the United States; the customer service is the best. Here it goes, packed in the same envelope in which the new one arrived in. I kind of feel melancholy since this toothbrush did wonders for my teeth and gums. Farewell toothbrush, it was nice to use you.

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