Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween decorations

As uncomfortable as I was in my car sketching this house, feeling clumsy dropping pens and rinse water on myself, I kind of felt great because I finished this sketch on location. Decorating houses is a custom that American families keep during the different seasons of the year and it is fun to watch because many owners show a sense of humor that can be contagious. I don't decorate mine. It doesn't mean that I don't have a sense of humor, alright? So my intention was to look for one house with overloaded decorations if possible. Without success, I didn't want to drive far from home, I found a cute one in the neighborhood. Check it out: a garland with leaves in autumn colors over the main door. A wreath on the front door matching the garland. Two pots with towers of pumpkins on each side of the entry way........wrapped with more garlands. A flag with a black cat on top of a pumpkin and a big yellow moon behind. To the left a big scared pumpkin. To the right a big Dracula and three small real pumpkins, and a Frankenstein (not shown here) at the other end of the garage door. Isn't fun to watch this?! I love it....... I love to sketch it too!

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