Monday, October 10, 2016

An alley in Ravenswood Chicago.

During the workshop we had last Saturday at Ingrid's Studio in Chicago, we all scrolled the Ravenswood Area, the participants looked for spots to sketch and I, as an instructor, looked for participants to follow up their work. In between participants, in my walks from one person to another, it was hard for me not to notice to the narrow alleys in the neighborhood. I managed to take 15 minutes of their time to make this sketch in ink (sorry people, the  beautiful opportunities this area has to offer was a temptation I couldn't resist). This is one of the many alleys between houses. Thanks to Ingrid who knows the area very well and suggested to us to check them out. I'ts dark but interesting. I water colored it this morning from a photo reference. This...... is Chicago though my eyes.

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