Monday, June 3, 2013

Otomi doll and a gorilla.

This is another Mexican craft from my small collection. This doll is made by a group of Indians from Central Mexico called Otomi. I remember it was given to me by my father many years ago. The other toy my father gave me was a gorilla when I went through a rough period of my life. I lost my first job. When I thought I was doing well, I was mistreated for reporting to the owners of the company I was working in, about the manager’s corrupted business he was doing under water and where affecting the final product. That could save the company a lot a trouble, but to my surprise I was fired. It turned out the manager was making more money for the owners avoiding taxes than the money he was making for himself. He stayed….with some restrictions, I left. Therefore I cried for several days. I was na├»ve, no experience, recently graduated from school. I idealized the work field, I was very disappointed. That’s when I received my gorilla. I think I just found why I worship little toys my father gives me, they give me comfort. Thank you dad.

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