Thursday, June 6, 2013

The veggies of our garden.

I spent the afternoon and early evening in our plot at the community garden. Bob has done an excellent job. The plants look healthy and are growing well. Bob has received compliments because of that. Truth of the matter is that he has spent a lot of time taking care of them and the plants are grateful and are showing it. As first timers we didn't know what to grow this season, so we ended up deciding to plant what we often eat.  Two kind of tomatoes, cucumbers, chard, two kind of kale, sweet, poblano and  jalapeno peppers, basil and dill weed. Some were given to us and we bought the rest. While there, Chris, the leader of the community, visited us in our plot. She make us feel we are not alone in this adventure, she is like a good hostess that makes you feel comfortable in a place that is not yours, she's great! We always talk to someone in the community, people is very friendly and helpful. So I took my chair and draw the leaves of our plants, and I hope next drawing I do there, will actually be the vegetables.

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