Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rock Run Preserve in Joliet.

Joliet is a city where you can find public art everywhere in the form of old buildings, sculptures, mosaics and  painted murals. Rock Run Preserve is part of an aquatic complex in Will County. It is rich in species and support animal life like birds and mammals. It is in this the site where I have encounter white-tails deer several times crossing my path when exercising, a true encounter with Mother Nature. This sketch illustrates Rock Run Preserve on Essington Road. There is a piece of art by the entrance called "Egrets in the Wetland", a sculpture of two egrets on a mosaic column featuring a wetland with cattails, dragonflies and a frog  by Sculpture artist Kathleen Farrell and Mosaic Artist Kathleen Scarboro. 

There's a plaque on the floor with more information.


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