Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Daniel Smith 238 Color Chart

Eat your own words, I told myself. After publicly saying that I may not change EVER my preference for Winsor and Newton watercolor (click here to see my W&N current palette), Daniel Smith, the American Company based in Seattle, turned out to be a temptation. I've heard so much from many people about how enchanted they are with this brand name that decided to try them also. I didn't know what color to buy because I have never tried them before. So I looked on the internet something that may help to make a decision. Unfortunately I didn't find any good quality color images of actual paint to help me to compare colors side by side. So, I bought a DS Watercolor Essentials Set to start, a set of 6 primary colors cold and warm to start, but I wasn't sure what else to get so I got the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Sample 238 Color Chart. 

I wet all the dot samples and paint a graded wash next to dot in the same paper, which it is watercolor paper.... or behaves like it. So far I'm very happy the quality of the paint. There is enough amount of color choices but not too many to confuse you. The paints have high concentration of pigment, easy to dissolve although I found some colors are harder to dissolve than others, i.e. many of the purple family and the Primatek Series, which are made of real mineral. Some of the Primatek look like pastel color and others looked rich in color. I scanned the charts in different scanners, took photos in the shade and under the direct sunlight. The ones under direct sunlight turned one to be the closest to the real thing. Click each image for a zoom. Meanwhile I'll play with the start kit I got. I hope this post help someone.

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  1. The very BEST watercolors! Made here in the U.S.!