Monday, November 21, 2016

Friends, walk, coffee and sketches.

My friends and I went for a walk today. I excused myself last time because it was too cold to walk outside in the morning. So this time we set the time for the afternoon. Better. Our returning point for this route is a grocery store where we stopped and had a cup of coffee, like other times. We needed to warm up. I didn't get coffee this time. Instead I sketched....them. They know of this practice of mine because I have told them like a thousand times and they agreed to let me sketch, although one was shy and the other was self aware. One of them was afraid of me showing whatever in her face she was not comfortable with. In short everyone wants to look nice. Sketching people is a double edge sword. 

What they don't know is that I'm terrible sketching people, my sketches never turned  out like them, they shouldn't expect that, I explained this to them. I told them I wanted to record this time. Given said that they agreed. I asked one of them to held the natural position of the hand holding her face. It was a reflection of how comfortable we were talking to each other. My other friend had a calm expression in her face while listening that I think I successfully portrayed in my sketch. When it was time to return I showed them the sketches in ink. I hope that when they see this post, the colored sketches help to keep our friendship! 

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