Thursday, June 9, 2016

Strawberries for three days.

Two days ago my friends and I ended up walking 35 minutes more that our goal. We were so tired that one of them mentioned she would like to eat strawberries at that moment. We didn’t have any with us, of course. Next day, yesterday, Bob and I went to the opening of Downtown Joliet Farmers Market and we saw the most perfect strawberries in a stand. We bought some, fresh, probably picked up the same day, who knows, after all it is a fresh market right? They were so beautiful and perfect that when I arrived at home I sketched them before we ate them that evening. I ate the first strawberry and it was blend. I ate another one and it was blend as well, we continued until we finished the whole container. It turned out these strawberries were the juiciest I’ve ever eaten in a long time but also the most flavorless ones! This sketch I did will be remembered as a big disappointment. Today, after another walk with my friends, the friend who was craving for strawberries was kind to bring some strawberries she shared with us after our walk. The taste was better than the ones I bought. I asked her where she bought them -at the grocery store -she said. Can you believe this? All I have to say about my beautiful strawberries is that all that glitters is not gold.   

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