Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Open House Chicago 2015. Part 3. The Oriental Theather.

A5 Hand Book, pen, ink and watercolor
The Oriental Theater in Chicago was the second location we visited. As soon as got inside our first reaction was wow! This richly ornamented theater is one of those places hard to tackle. Many of us decided to sketch details, a statue or a lamp for instance. Other drew the whole scenario, and others like me, stayed in the middle. This sketch shows the top of the scenario. The light was subtle and the red of the curtains was deeper that this. There were a lot of figures and characters above the curtains. I'm sure there's a meaning for each one of them, but unfortunately I  didn't ask. I draw a little figure in green at the bottom of the sketch which is a man who wasn't there. I calculated the size of the  man using the back door of the stage in order to show how huge it is. Click here to read last part.

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